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 Owners: 800-555-5555

 Owners: 800-555-5555

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Our mission is to enrich the timeshare ownership experience by offering an easy way to rent unused points to help offset the expenses. We believe timeshare is a great product when you are using it, but can be expensive when you aren’t – that’s where we step in.

Points Managers was founded in Springfield,MO by a few timeshare owners who couldn’t find the resources or help they needed to offset the costs of their timeshares so they decided to do it themselves.

Fast forward to today and we are quickly growing into one of the most trusted resources for point-based owners in the midwest. We haven’t lost touch with what’s most important – taking care of our clients and guests with integrity and respect.

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600 N Boonville Ave 

Springfield, MO 65806


Call 1-800-981-4361

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